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  • Dr Ezhil vendan is a dentist turned 3D artist. With an experience in the animation field panning over 25 years, Ezhil was instrumental in some of the well known CG scenes in Indian cinema including the golden geese sequence in Kadhalar Dhinam (Tamil 1996) Ezhil spent over eight years in the UK working as a senior environment artist in popular games such Lego batman and Lego Indians Jones.
  • Ezhil’s most wholesome offering till date is the animated feature film Hanuman Vs Mahiravana, which he has directed and also provided concept art and story board for.  
  • Ezhil is currently stationed in India and teaches animation and art in his own academy. Several of his works below are academy projects that he creates in live classes.


02. 2020 - 2021 S02_01.jpg


Best Laid Plans:

Horror movie script - 150 pages of illustrated manuscript has been prepared aiming to combine CG with green screen shot live action.

02. 2020 - 2021 S01_01.jpg


Covid Time:

Emagic conducts online painting competition & announces online classes.  In the stillness of the situation, ideas are brewing: A script that would be a fresh breath to the Indian moviescape is being written inspired by south Indian pulp fiction novels . Several stories have been read and researched &a 100 page manuscript on an Indian fantasy story is prepared.

(Working title: Devamohini)

01. 2011 - 2019 S08.jpg


Yash Raj Films commits to distribute Hanuman Vs. Mahiravana. H V M was released in cinema screens all over India.  (Direction, Environment, Character designs & Lighting done by Ezhil Vendan) Best animated feature filmHanuman Vs. Mahiravana wins the FICCI BAF awards for the year 2019! Hanuman Vs. Mahiravana wins Dada Saheb Phalke film festival best animated film award.

01. 2011 - 2019 S05.jpg


VR game 'Wrath of the Fire God' is released for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift. Art Direction Character & Environment designs were provided by Ezhil for the game. Storyboards are hand drawn for 26 chapters of the Hanuman Vs. Mahiravana. Comedy characters Taka & Baka and fantasy character tree sage are designed by Ezhil for a movie. Emagic Academy exhibits its own artwork at Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai. Thespian directors S.P. Muthuraman, Sasikumar recognize Emagic as a upcoming force in the industry.

01. 2011 - 2019 S04.jpg


Green Gold Animation offers to produce Hanuman Vs, Mahiravana. Character and environments are designed for the film. A menacing new character Mahiravana & his evil pet - the five headed snake are sketched & designed.

01. 2011 - 2019 S03.jpg


Gamaya Legends Game is made. Art Direction, Character & Environment designs were provided by Ezhil  for the game.

01. academy_03_new img.png


emagic ACADEMY is formed. 

Short films: Wizard of Arabia & Fairywoods are created live in classroom.

03. 2001 - 2010 S06.jpg


Lucas Arts website bears Ezhil’s step pyramid done for the Lego Indiana Jones games as its header & lego design!

03. 2001 - 2010 S05.jpg


Took charge as senior environment artist at TT Games ( Knutsford, UK - the largest independent game developer in the UK - part of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.) worked in hugely successful games such as Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Clone Wars while in the company. Interacted with John Burton (the creator of Lego blend with popular franchises) on a regular basis. Won lego trophies during Christmas party -2006.

03. 2001 - 2010 S03.jpg


Took the role of senior 3D artist at Code Masters UK & worked for titles such as Colin Mcrae 6 and Race Driver 4

03. 2001 - 2010 S02.jpg


While working in visual science, worked with gaming legends like RUSSEL KAY (one of the 5 game veterans who created the classic game ‘Lemmings’)

03. 2001 - 2010 S01.jpg


Worked on popular gaming titles such as ‘Medal of Honor 3’


Employed in the UK in a game company called VISUAL SCIENCE (Dundee, Scotland) as a senior environment artist.

04. 1996 - 2000 S05_01.jpg


Created Toy Story like characters dancing along with Actor Vijay in a song sequence for the movie Kushi. Proposed the movie 'Scorpion'. A giant scorpion was modelled and made to walk. It made quite a splash in the industry and was telecast in various channels.

04. 1996 - 2000 S04.jpg


Worked freelance and created the golden geese in the popular Kollywood song 'Roja Roja' (Movie: Kaadhalar Dhinam), Other important film sequences include the water form of Actress Meena in the movie Paalayathu Amman.

04. 1996 - 2000 S01.jpg


Took the role of pre-production head in Pentamedia, Chennai. Worked closely with movie greats like Singeetam Srinivasa Rao ( Director Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Raaja Paarvai) & Director Hari (National Award Winner for Ezhavathu Manithan) on various 3D animation film projects while at Pentamedia.


A passion driven drift from dental surgery to the field of animation. Took a job as a Junior 3D Modeller in Nest Multimedia, Chennai & got involved in game activities for US game developer Sierra Games. Ezhil's work was featured in the internationally popular & first ever entry from India


Very Early Days:


Won first prize in the Tamilnadu State Level Painting Competition on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday celebrations. Award was conferred by Mr. Prabhudas Patwari, Governor of Tamilnadu. Won various first prizes in painting competitions conducted by establishments such as 'Nepal Tourism', 'Titan Watches' and 'Russian Consulate'.

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