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Rama carries wounded Lakshmana :
The night when Indrajit had attacked and mortally injured Lakshmana. Illustration done for a children’s story book  ‘Hanuman’s Mission’

Client: Fugle - the children’s story portal.
Year: 2011

Lakshmana Wounded
Rama carries wounded Lakshmana
Physician Examines
Physician Examines

When Indrajit, Ravana’s eldest son critically injures Lakshmana in battle, the doctor diagnoses Lakshmana and determines that only a special herb that grows in the Himalayas can revive Lakshmana . The dying Lakshmana only has time until the following morning .

Hanuman Volunteers
Hanuman Volunteers

When everyone is dejected at the impossible task of going that far north and returning by dawn, Hanuman steps forward to help . Hanuman calls upon his father, the Wind God Vayu to help him . Imbibing his powers, he floats into the air and speeds to fetch the herb before day - break .

Hanuman Grows Big
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